The Scorpion and The Frog Story

This story is about the scorpion and the frog besides this is a very famous story too. Do you know what we are going to read in this story? Well, we will read about how a scorpion asked for help from the frog and what he returns in favor.

The Scorpion and The Frog

The Scorpion and The Frog
The Scorpion and The Frog

Once upon a time, In a dense forest, A Scorpion lived in a cave, on the banks of a river. One day suddenly he decided that he would leave his cave and look for a new home. In the very next morning, The Scorpion heads to the forest to search for his new home.

He tried so hard, but he could not find his favorite home. Eventually, After some time he reaches the bank of a river. But now, The Scorpion had to cross the river to go ahead. Although, He did not know how to swim in the water. For that, He tried to find another way but found no other way. On the other side, The Scorpion started thinking about how I will cross this river now.

After a while, The Scorpion saw a frog that was roaming in the forest. The frog was coming towards him. The Scorpion said passionately, can you help me? The frog said, tell me, how can I help you? The Scorpion said I have to cross the river but I do not know how to swim. Could you help me?  Can you make me cross the river by putting me on your back? The frog said, but I don’t believe you. In other words, I do not believe your sting. How can I put you on my back?

On the other hand, The Scorpion promise  I will not do anything like this. I know if I sting you, both of us will drown in the river and both of us will die. The frog said, yes, you have a point. The frog placed him on his back and jumped into the river and began to cross the river rapidly. As fast as he could.

After a while, The frog felt something stinging on his back. He asks Scorpion what it is? But the Scorpion gave him no answer and the frog understood that Scorpion had stung on his back. What did you do to me?  I am dying. The Scorpion told the frog, I cannot do anything in it. Even though, You helped me But this is my nature. The frog said to him, you are a deceiver and the frog sank into the water. The scorpion had no support left in the middle of the river because of this he also sunk in the water and died.

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