The Ugly Duckling Story

The Ugly Duckling Story is very famous all over the world. people always love to read this story of the ugly duckling. Here I brought this story to you so let’s start reading this interesting story.

On a warm spring day mama duck was sitting on the eggs and a moment later the eggs hatched. As they just came out to the world they started to toddle alongside their mother but there was one egg that still didn’t hatch. There is still one egg left to hatch. Mama duck sat on the nest again and a moment later “Oh dear my last born has finally shown itself but hmm why are you so so bad in looks? You look different from the other ducklings. Mama duck looked at the ugly duckling and started to worry.

The Ugly Duckling Story
The Ugly Duckling Story – Image source

Mama said kids we will now practice how to swim in the pond. Every duck repeat after me the ducklings jumped into the pond one by one and the ugly duckling also jumped into the pond. Everyone is doing a terrific job. The brothers of the ugly duckling whispered to each other while looking at her “The youngest look so bad. He doesn’t look like us and he is oversized that’s right even if he is our brother we can’t play with a bad looking duck”.

The ugly duckling became a loner. He came out of her house during the night without letting the family know and started walking. When he was walking he saw wild ducks playing in the water. “Hey guys will you play with me, no we won’t play with a bad-looking duckling like yourself”. The wild ducks splashed and left it. Suddenly, The hunter’s gunfire shook the woods. The ugly duckling was so surprised by the sound that he fell on its back. What is this it’s an ugly duckling the hound sniffed and said, I’ve never seen an animal as dirty and bad as you get out of here go away

The ugly duckling ran for its life and it became nighttime he found a small farm. Come here duckling you must be hungry. The old woman welcomed the ugly duckling with an open heart but the cat and the hen started being mean to the ugly duckling. “hey you can you hunt a rat? Can you lay eggs? Why are you here when there isn’t a single useful thing you can do to get out of here. The ugly duckling was kicked out of the farm and went on a long journey again.

During the journey, the cold winter has gone and spring has come. The ugly duckling was very much envious of the swans that were elegantly swimming in the lake. A swan slowly came to the ugly duckling and said where did you come from? What a magnificent-looking swan you are. What me a swan no I’m an ugly duckling. Look at the reflection of yourself in the water you are a fabulous swan. The ugly duckling was so surprised when he saw his reflection in the water. “unbelievable I’m a swan I wasn’t an ugly duckling but I’m a swan”. The ugly duckling was so excited now he didn’t have to live as an alone duckling anymore and he now has spectacular swan friends.

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