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The White Elephant Story

Today we brought A white elephant story for you in which A king who always wanted a White elephant. He considers himself very clever But it will be interesting to read How a cloth washer makes king fool. This story is very funny hope you like it.


A king and The White Elephant Story

Once upon a time, A king named Birbal. He considered himself very clever. But people considered him foolish.

A cloth washer lived in that same village. He was an expert at making any clothes glow white. One day a potter comes to him and He said to cloth washer that, “our king has called me yesterday. That is why I don’t want to put my dirty clothes before you go to the king. Please clean it up and I will come back tomorrow”.

Washerman cleans his dirty clothes and those clothes turn absolutely white. The next day potter man comes to her. He sees that all his clothes are white. He starts fighting with the washerman. He says I will see you.

He goes to the king. king looks at his clothes and says “Oh, your clothes are very clean. Who has washed your clothes, potter thinks that this is the right time”. He tells, “A cloth washer lives in our village. He can make anything white. You have been thinking for a long time that a white-colored elephant should be taken. You give any elephant to the washerman. That will make him white”.

After hearing This king invited washerman to his palace. The king says to him, “I want a white elephant, so whatever you say to me, I will do this work for you but I want a white elephant”.

Cloth washer asked for a big pot in which he can boil the elephant. Having said this much, he says that “Please my king gives potter man order to make a big pot by tomorrow and give it to me. After hearing this the king gave an order to potter to make a big pot for cloth washer”.

Potter went to his house and obeyed the king’s orders and started making a big pot. The next day he took a big pot to the washerman. Washerman said, “now bring a big elephant. As soon as A big elephant sat in that big pot, the vessel broke”.

As soon as this news reaches in king’s ears, the king ordered to bring that potter man. Potter was frightened by the king’s orders and he left his village and ran away. The king called cloth washer to his palace and said to cloth washer in a very angry manner, I want a white elephant by tomorrow. Whatever happens, otherwise I will expel you from this village.

cloth washer went to his house. He started coloring an elephant with white color and took that elephant in front of the king.

The king was got happy and pleased with washerman and announced to give one lakh gold coins to washerman as soon as the washerman got one lakh gold coins.

He caught his horse and he left his village and went to live elsewhere. On his way, washerman found the potter. Washerman said to the potter, you have made it difficult for me by taking a wrong decision. I have come from there with great difficulty after saving my life.

Potter asked him what you have done? Cloth washer says I painted an elephant and colored it in white and put him in front of the king and now I have left the village. Otherwise, the king’s soldier catches me and the potter apologizes to washerman and both leave the village and went somewhere else with their horse.

Challenge:- What you learn from this story please do comment.

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