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The Wind and The Sun Story

In this story”The Wind and The Sun Story”, you will read how the wind and the sun got into a debate. Regarding who is more powerful and who would get to be embarrassed in front of whom? Let’s read this amazing story

The Wind and The Sun Story For Kids


It was a long time ago that in a full afternoon the wind and the sun were talking among themselves. The debate between the two started in talks.  Who is the more stronger and powerful of the two?


The Conversation Started

The wind began to tell the sun about its power. She said that “by my power, I have to uproot the big trees from the roots and many of the ships have drowned in the sea”. She told that “you cannot do any of these things. She said this with a complete attitude”. 

The Sun listened to her and smiled. Then he said, “you have drowned a lot of ships in the sea and Many trees have to be uprooted, but this does not mean that you are very strong”.

The wind said, “I can cover you with clouds with my power”. Sun started smiling again and said, “whatever you wish, but this is what I understand right now and believe that I am stronger than you”.

The wind got angry.  She did not like his point that he was stronger than air. There was a long debate between the two.

Then the wind said, “why don’t we do a competition? Then you will know who is more powerful?” She said, “why should we not compete who can bring down the trees to as many trees as possible. Then you will know.  Who is stronger?” Sun said, “Doing so, We will damage the trees.  We keep it a little easier”.

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A Man Entered

A man was passing through the forest. He had a shawl on his shoulder. The man was walking in great fun.

Looking at the man, The wind said, “why don’t we use our power on the man in it and then we will know.  Which of us is more powerful and who is weaker?”  “Whoever dropped this man on the ground will always be considered more powerful”. 

The sun denied this. He said, “doing so, it could hurt this man”. The Sun said, “We will compete for that who can get his shawl off this man’s shoulder?”

The Wind and The Sun Story

The Wind’s Turn The wind reached the man with all her strength.  He uprooted all the trees around the man from the root. The man held his shawl tightly.

The wind tries again with all her strength but the man held his shawl so tightly with his hands that she could not separate it from the man’s body. The Wind accepted her defeat. She said that “I could not remove the shawl from this man’s shoulder. Now it is your turn”.

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It’s Sun’s Turn

The sun spread its hands and spread its rays in the sky. Due to the outbreak of rays, there was so much heat that all the trees and plants of the land started drying up and the animals also started running here and there.

 In search of water. The man looked up at the sky and sweating with his head said that “what is happening today.  Sometimes the weather is getting cold and sometimes it is getting so hot”. “Due to the heat of the sun, he removed the shawl from his shoulders and held it in his hands”.

Wind again said to Sun, “brother, you have won, you are more powerful”. Due to its arrogance, the wind had to bow before the sun and after that day she never misuse its power.

Moral of the story:- Never misuse your power and strength, nor should you boast because the head of the arrogant always tilts down.

Challenge:- How did the sun defeat The wind in the story? Crack in the comment box.


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