The Wind and The Sun Story

This is a famous The wind and the sun story. A long long time ago the wind and the sun had an argument about who is more powerful. Do You know that I am more powerful than you the wind said to the sun? The sun replied, don’t be so arrogant my friend but the wind got offended and said, I’m not being arrogant I’m being truthful. If you don’t believe me then let’s have a competition right now.

The Wind and The Sun Story
The Wind and The Sun Story – Image source

The sun did not want to compete with his friend. But the wind left him with no choice so he agreed and said Okay my friend let’s have a competition. Just then a young man was walking on the road below them he was wearing a shawl and a coat. The wind said to the sun, See that man below whoever can get the scarf and the coat of him he will be the winner.

The sun said, Ok you go ahead first and so the wind blew at the man. The man’s scarf moved a bit and his coat flapped a little. He said I will show the man some more power now. Now the wind blew more strongly and the man feels so cold so he tightly covered himself. The wind blew at the man with all his power but He failed to get his scarf and coat off.

Now it’s the turn of the sun. The sun started gently shine. Suddenly the man feels warmed. Now the sunshine more brightly and brightly. Now the man feels so hot. At last, the sun’s warmth becomes so much for the man that he took off his coat and scarf and sat down under a tree to get some relief. The sun won and the wind failed.

Moral of the story:- Gentle behavior can achieve what brutal force can’t. so this is a story if you like my story then please share it.

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