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Thirsty Crow Story For Kids

Hello friends, you must have heard the thirsty crow story. Today, we have brought this same story for you once again and have brought four more new crow stories for kids together, which you will definitely love to read. I reed these stories in my childhood and my favorite was a thirsty crow and fox and crow story and I love it. Today after so many years, I have re-written these stories just for you. If you like these stories then please share them. so let’s dive into these tales.


A Thirsty Crow Story

Once upon a time, till the summer day, a crow was very thirsty. He went everywhere in the village looking for water. But he could not find any water anywhere.

He was searching for water flying from here and there, but he still did not find water. All the ponds had dried up. All the wells had dried up.

Thirsty Crow Story

Suddenly he sees a water pot on the roof of a house. He was very happy, came to the pitcher flying very fast and when he looked at the pitcher, he saw that there was a little water in the pitcher, but when he tried to drink water, he did not check the water.

Could not reach all of a sudden he became very depressed. He picked up a stone and put it into the pot and he saw that the water level was got a little bit up, he repeated the same technique. Gradually, he started putting stones in the pitcher, due to which the water came up, he drank water in the last and he flew.

Moral of the story:- Where there is a will, there is away. Do hard-work if you badly want something.

Challenge:- What the crow did to drink the water? Crack this in the comment box.

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When Fox fooled a Crow

A fox lived in a forest, she was very hungry and very clever she used to roam around in order to satisfy her hunger, she had roamed the whole forest. But she finds nothing.

Fox fooled a Crow

She was disturbed by the heat and hunger and falls asleep by going under a tree. Suddenly her eyes reach the tree and she sees that a crow was sitting on the tree there was a piece of bread in his hand.

Seeing the bread in his mouth, a plan comes to the fox’s mind. The fox says to him, brother everyone will say your voice is very melodious. In the other forest, all the animals praise your voice and everyone just says that you sing a very melodious voice.

He was very decent. He had never heard such praise before. On hearing his praise he became happy and got caught in the fox plane, he obeyed the fox and started singing.

As he opened his mouth to sing, the bread fell down from his mouth and the fox picked up the bread and ran away.

The fox while leaving said to him that, you are very foolish. Seeing this, the crow began to regret his stupidity.

Moral of the story: We should avoid our false praise, many times we get such people Those who praise us for finding their meaning, we should stay away from them.

Challenge:- How the crow lost his bread from his mouth? Crack this in the comment box.

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Crow and Ant friendship

Once upon a time, there was a lot of heat outside. An ant was thirsting for heat. He was looking for water to quench his thirst. But she does not get water, so she reaches a river.

 ant and peigon.

There was water in front but now there was a problem in front of her, she could not go into the river. Because she could not swim, she climbed on top of a small stone and tried to drink water. But as soon as she drinks water she falls into the river.

The ant fell into the water. She screamed loudly “Save me”.

There was a tree on the bank of the river, on which there was a Crow sitting on the branch. He saw the ant and she took out an idea to save the ant. He took a leaf from the tree and threw it in the river.

The ant quickly climbs on the leaf and after a while, the leaf comes into the shore by itself. The ant falls down to the ground and she said thanks to Him, He replied, It’s okay by sitting on the tree. A few days after this incident a hunter reaches the bank of that river.

He lays a trap in the forest and puts something in the trap to eat and the hunter hides in the bushes and sits down hoping that the Crow will fall into the trap and he will run away with him as soon as the Crow comes flying from there.

And the Crow appears to have grains in the trap to eat, he flies towards those grains and as soon as it moves on to eat, he gets trapped in the trap. He shouted loudly. The ant looks at him and she sees that the Crow is trapped in the trap, she does not understand anything and suddenly she goes near the hunter and bites the hunter’s foot.

There is severe pain in the foot of the hunter due to which the net falls down from the hunter’s hand and falls on the ground. As the Crow comes out of the trap, the wind blows into the sky and greets the ant.

Moral of the story:-  When we help someone, someone definitely helps us. Just as the ant helped the Crow.

challenge:- How did the crow save the ant life? Crack this in the comment box.

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A beautiful Two-faced Crow

A very beautiful Crow lived in a forest. But this Crow was very different from other birds. Because this Crow has two faces.

A two face bird

Despite having two mouths, his stomach was the same. He used to roam around in the forest every day.

It was a matter of one day, the Crow was passing through the bank of the river, suddenly one of its faces turns towards a sweet apple fruit and he reaches there and starts eating that fruit and he Says his own second mouth that this fruit is as sweet as honey. Enjoyed it.

So the mouth of that Crow says that eat me with this fruit too, I also want to taste this fruit, but the other says I have eaten and you have eaten, it is the same thing, our stomach is the same.

The second mouth felt very bad and he said how bad we are the same, but even if he discriminates, he decides to take revenge on him.

After a few days, both of them were flying again in the sky, so the sight of the first mouth seems like a moment. But that fruit was not as sweet as before, the big fruit was very poisonous.

He thinks that why not take revenge, he says with his other mouth, I have to eat that fruit. The second mouth answers that fruit is very poisonous, if you eat it you will die.

First I said you have gone mad even though our mouth has two. But you have only one stomach, if you eat, then both of us will die, so do not eat it,

but at first, he did not listen to any of it in his heart, his mind was obsessed with revenge, he ate that fruit and slowly the poisonous showed its effect and a very two-faced Crow died.

Moral of the story:- Recognized the power of unity by avoiding selfishness. 


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