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The Three Little Pigs Story

Hello, Children’s, Today we are going to read an amazing three little pigs story. Which the three little pigs leave their house and went for their own houses. They all made their beautiful houses but one day a bad wolf come to them and destroy the house of two little pigs.

Then they went to their third brother ad they live together with him lets read what happens next? This story is really very amazing even this is my favorite story also.


The Three Little Pigs Story For Kids 

A Mumma pig lived with her three little pigs inside a tree in a dense forest. The Mumma, go to the forest and bring food for her children.  They had a lot to eat. little pigs used to eat food every day, fill their stomach, and go to sleep. Now that little Pigs started to grow up and his appetite also increased and it became difficult for Mumma to feed the three of them.

One day Mumma called her three children and said, all three of you are growing up very quickly and that day is not far away.  When this tree becomes too small for all four of us and we will not be able to live in it.

She said that you should go to this big world.  The world is huge and one must learn to live on your own and build your own house. The three of them agreed with Mama and left. The three children were going through the forest when a wolf spotted them.

They kept walking for a long time and on the way, they saw a pile of huge straws. The first P said that I will build my house with these straws.  He wet straws with clay and started building his house. He was told by his two brothers that this house does not look very strong.

But he did not listen to them and quickly made his home.  He was very tired. Due to being tired, he started feeling very sleepy and went to his home to sleep.  The other two brothers proceeded.

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On the way, the other brother got a very big pile of wood. He said that I will make my house with this wood.  He collected a lot of wood.  Tied them together and started building houses. He built the roof of his house with leaves.

He got very tired after doing all the work.  It does not look very strong.  The third brother said. But he was very tired so went immediately to sleep in his house.

Three Little Pig Story

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The third brother resumed his journey and moved on. After a while, he saw some laborers.  He took some bricks and cement from those laborers and started building his house.

It took him a long time to build the house, but he did not give up and he continued to build the house. Both brothers came there and started laughing at him and saying that you are taking too much time to build your house. But the third pig continued and built a strong home.

When the wolf living in the forest finds out that the three brothers live around the forest, he reaches the first pig’s house.

The wolf saw a pig in the window and thought I would have breakfast today. The wolf gave a voice to pig and said come out, I’ll eat you.  If you don’t come out, I’ll break your house. The wolf broke that pig’s house.  little pig escapes from there and rushes to the house of his second brother, who built a wooden house.

Now both brothers started getting scared.  They knew that the wolf would also come here. The wolf also reached the other little Pig house and started saying.  I will eat you both now.  Get out quickly or else I will break this house too.

Both the little pigs did not get out, the wolf got angry.  He also broke the wooden house. The two little pigs escaped from there and rushed to their third brother’s house. Whose house was strong, whose house was made of cement and bricks?

On reaching there, the two brothers told their third brother that the wolf is following us.  He will kill and eat all three of us.

The wolf also arrived there. The wolf said I will not leave the three of you now.  I will kill you and then eat you. The wolf said I will break this house too.

The three did not leave the house.  Seeing this, the wolf became very angry and threatened to break the house.  When that wolf tried to break the house.  The house was not broken by that. The wolf failed to break the house.

The wolf tried hard, but the house did not break and he gave up and go away from there. After some time an idea comes to the mind of the wolf.  He again reaches little pigs’ house and says let’s become friends.  There is a lot of paddy in the fields.  We eat it together.

Pig said we are there in the evening. But the three little pigs did not go there in the evening but in the day and they all paddy from the field and bring it to there home.

The wolf gets angry at the cleverness of the three of them and thinks of an idea again. The three little pigs decided to go back tomorrow and bring paddy from the field But the youngest pick went quickly towards the farm and was spotted by the wolf.

Suddenly little pig got a sound from the bushes. He understood.  A wolf is hidden around here.  He ran away and hid in the bushes.

The small pig hides under the bushes and reaches his home. This time the wolf gets very angry and enters the house with the help of the roof.  Then the eldest brother speaks to both the younger brothers.  Let’s get out of the house early. 

As soon as all three get out of the house.  one pig locks the house from outside and escapes from there. The wolf is imprisoned inside the house forever and he dies.


Moral of the story:- Always live with unity and always obey the elders.

Challenge:- why the three little pigs left their home? Crack this in the comment box.

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