Tiana Princess and The Frog

This is a very famous Tiana Princess and The Frog. A long time ago there used to live king with her Princess. The Princess’s name was Tiana and She was very beautiful. He used to give her everything she wanted. One day the princess tells her father that I am bored with playing with old toys. I would like some new toys. The king tells his daughter it is fine. I am going to give you such a ball that my father gave me. Now I will give you the king goes to his room. From there, he takes a golden ball and gives it to his daughter. The king tells her that it is very valuable to keep it always and never roam it.

Tiana Princess and The Frog
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The princess walks out of the garden to play with that ball. She was playing alone with the ball.  Suddenly her golden ball goes into the pond. She goes to the pond to find her ball, but she does not see her golden ball anywhere. The princess sits on the edge of the pond and cries out loud because she knew that this ball is very precious. Perhaps his father may also feel offended by this. So she starts crying loudly. Then a frog comes there. The frog asked the princess why she is crying? She looks at the frog and at first, is quite shocked and scared but then after a while, She tells her whole story to the Frog.

The frog tells the princess don’t worry I will help you and I will bring your ball back. She asked the frog what he can really do it. The frog replied, I can do that, but I have a condition. The princess says that whatever your condition will be, I will accept it. The frog says ok I bring your ball now. He jumped into the pond and come out with the ball a few times. The princess becomes very happy to see her golden ball and starts returning to her palace. That’s when the frog tells the princess, have you forgotten your promise? I had asked for something from you. The princess says that I just wanted my ball from you and now I have it, I don’t care about you. That is why I said yes to you. Now that I have got my ball back, I have no business with you now.

The frog feels bad about this and goes behind her inside the palace. Now whenever the princess goes, she used to come with it. He used to stay with her even when the princess went to sleep. This went on for a few days and the princess was very much fed up with him. Then she said what do you want? She gets very upset with the frog. The princess says to the frog that you are very dirty in appearance and you live with me. I get very angry on this matter. You walk away from my life and from this palace and never come back again. The frog says that I will go away from here on one condition. You make me a kiss, the princess is very angry on this matter and denies it.  But after some time, she thinks that there is only one kiss.  After this, the frog will get rid of it for a lifetime.

The princess takes the frog in her hand and kisses the frog.  As soon as she kissed him A light spreads over the entire room when the light ends, the frog disappears and a beautiful prince comes to the place of the frog. The princess is surprised to see the prince. The prince tells her That he was cursed by a saint that he would become a frog. When I apologized to them, that saint told me that One day a princess will kiss you, and then you will return to your true form. I have been waiting for this day since that day. Today you kissed me and I came back in my real avatar. The princess is surprised to see the prince and She fall in love with the prince. She tells her father everything and the prince gets married to the princess and both of them are very happy.

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