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The Fox And Tiger story

The Fox And Tiger story

This is The famous The Fox And Tiger story. Once a tiger lived in a forest. The tiger was very powerful. But for a long time, he had not eaten anything. Because of which he became very weak. The tiger woke up in the morning and set out to hunt. He saw a deer roaming in a forest and the tiger followed the deer. But the deer was running very fast due to which the tiger could not catch him and the tiger sat tired.

The Fox And Tiger story

The tiger thought that now I have to concentrate my mind. The tiger started roaming the forest.  Suddenly he saw a fox cave. He went inside the cave but inside the cave, he did not see a fox. The tiger thought that now I will sit inside the cave and as soon as the fox comes, I will catch him.

After a while, the fox reached there but the fox was very clever.  He saw the tiger’s footprints inside the cave The fox gave a voice standing outside the cave. Let me know if someone is inside the cave. I have to spend tonight in the cave.

The tiger, gives a voice from inside the cave and said, you can come in? As soon as the fox heard the tiger’s voice, the fox ran away and the tiger starved again.

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