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Who Is Real Mother Of Baby Elephant

This is a story of a baby elephant how he got confused between her real and fake mom and we are going to read about who is the real mother of the baby elephant. Before starting this story I am giving you a short brief about the story.

An elephant and her small baby elephant lived in a very dense forest. one day the second elephant takes him with her. after this, a debate has been started between both the mummy elephant and the baby elephant got confused to let’s read how the baby elephant gets his mom back?

Who Is Real Mother Of Baby Elephant?


Once upon a time, There was an elephant and her small child living in a very dense forest. One day both of them were bathing in a small river in a forest. Then suddenly, another elephant came there and started playing with the baby elephant.

When the child took a bath, then the second elephant takes him with her. The elephant’s mother said, “Hey son, where are you going?” I’m here, you come here.

The second elephant said, he is my son. I can take him from where I want. Who are you going to stop?

The first elephant said, he is my son, who are you, we do not know you?

Both of them started fighting with each other. All the animals slowly gathered there. All the animals arrived there and asked what happened?

When the animals came to know they matter, they themselves got confused. Nobody could understand which mother is real? All the animals had a monkey who was very knowledgeable. He said, know the king will only decide who is a real mother in both of them?


All the animals reach the lion and tell him the whole story. lion Thinks a little bit and then says to all the animals, okay I have an idea.

From which we can find out who is the real mother of this little elephant. The king told both of them that his real mother would have to eat one leg of this elephant. and it will be the easiest way to find out about who is the real mother of this baby elephant.

Hearing this, all the animals calmed down and the fake mother, she started to say yes.

The real mother started crying loudly and thought that if the lion ate a leg of her son, he would never be able to walk.

The real mother told the lion that I am the fake mother and this is the real mother. Do not eat my son’s leg.

There is a lion on hearing this. Understood that this is the real mother who cares so much for her child.

The king got angry at the fake mother and the fake mother got scared and ran away leaving the child there. The king told the real mother that you are the real mother. You were worried about your son, not that fake mother.


Challenge:- How the lion came to know about the real mother? crack this at the comments box.

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