Princess Bedtime Stories

These are two Short princess bedtime stories to read. These stories are very interesting to read and I personally love this story too much. so I thought why not share these princess stories with you also.

1. Witch and Princess Story

The Witch A beautiful princess lived in a kingdom. The princess always dreamed of her prince and made pictures of him. The princess loved him wanted to marry that Prince. Surprisingly only animals were the friends of princess-like deer turtles and foxes. Everyone in the kingdom loved the princess very much.

Princess Bedtime Stories
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All the people of the kingdom praised the princess. But There was a witch in the kingdom who was very jealous of the princess because the princess was very beautiful. She thought why not smash this princess? One day The princess went to roam the forest with her animal friends. The witch was already there. She left a lion behind the princess. After seen the lion princess was afraid of the lion and climbed a big tree in fear.

The lion stood under the tree for a while, But after some time he went from there. The princess was very afraid of the height. She was thinking that she climbed the tree but now how to come down? The princess tried to come down but she slips from the tree branch and she starts falling down. Then a prince wandering in the forest rescued the princess.

When the princess saw that prince, She understood that this is the prince who used to come in her dreams. the prince smashes the witch and the witch ran away from there. The princess and the princess became friends and after some time they get married. The princess was happy in her life.

2. Prince and Princess

Once upon a time. A princess named Sharlet lived with her parents in a very beautiful palace. The princess was very naughty. Everyone in the kingdom loved the princess and everyone lived happily in the kingdom.

Time was spent and Princess was 15 years old. The king and the queen thought of having a fabulous party for her birthday. But a witch who was very irritated with the king did not let this happen. She kidnapped the princess. The king went to the witch to save her daughter, but all his attempts failed. He was unable to get his daughter.

The king announced in the state that whoever brought my daughter from a witch, I would marry him to my daughter and declare him the next king. In the nearby kingdom lived a prince named Arjuna. He accepted the king’s challenge and went to the witch to save the princess.

The prince was very intelligent. Using his intelligence properly he fought with the witch, he rescued the princess from the witch and brought her to the king. The king was very happy to see his daughter and he praised the prince very much and announced to marry the prince to his daughter.  After some time both of them got married and both of them started living happily.

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